7 Must-Have Business Tools to Boost Sales In 2019

You have a website, a few social media profiles, and even traffic coming in from search results. This is all nice and dandy, but when you factor in that there are now more than a billion active websites and blogs on the internet today, you are going to need more tools and resources in order to beat your competitors.

Gone are the days of writing content, promoting it a little bit, and then moving on with your life. Now it’s all about using the best tools and services to expand your content reach, increase customers, and generate more traffic and sales than ever before.

To help with all of this, we are going to look at some of today’s best tools to effectively monitor, improve, track, and grow your business across platforms and media outlets.

1. Smarp

When it comes to increasing sales, it definitely takes a team effort. Whether it’s content creation, social promotion, or even making sure everyone in your organization is on the same page… it’s all about engagement and conversation.

One of the best tools for accomplishing this is Smarp, which allows businesses and brands of all sizes to create an internal content hub for employees, sales teams, or any other specific business unit within the organization.

2. Oribi

Whether you like it or not, data is at the heart of any successful business. The easier it is for you to understand your website and business analytics, the easier it will be to take action and improve sales across the board.

Your decisions, from marketing to prospecting to acquisition to supply chain management, need to be driven by data. But all that data can be incredibly overwhelming, especially for people who aren’t especially data-savvy.

3. Norbert

Despite all the shifts in online communication over the years, email remains the de facto standard for much business communication. However, you can’t really get started with nurturing a lead or even extending a “cold call” message if you don’t even have the prospect’s email address.

Boasting that it “can find anyone’s email address” is Norbert, an online tool that can connect you with huge sales prospects. You’ll still need to lean on your keen sales skills and relationship-building ability, of course, but Norbert can help to open up those channels of communication by unearthing an email address for just about anyone you’d like to approach.

4. Growbots

They say that time is money. So, the more time you can save on repetitive tasks, in particular, the more time you’ll free up to focus on tasks that can’t be so easily outsourced or automated. It might surprise you to learn that even outbound sales can be automated, opening up a whole new world of opportunity.

5. Groove

First impressions go a very long way, not only in closing the initial deal but also in retaining customer loyalty over the long term. And sales have far more to do with just landing that first purchase order too, especially if you’re in a line of business that offers free trial periods. This is why sales and support must go hand in hand.

6. UberSuggest

Are you using UberSuggest yet? Because you should. This powerful keyword research tool is a must-have for anyone interested in search engine optimization and competition analysis, yet doesn’t carry the heavy costs that many of its competitor tools do. Targeting the right keywords in your paid and organic search efforts has the potential to make or break your sales performance.

7. Facebook Ads

Anyone in online marketing and advertising is likely already very familiar with Google Ads. It’s clear enough that Google is the elephant in the room when it comes to online advertising. But another sizable elephant that should not be ignored is the opportunity to work with Facebook Ads too.

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